Our Wine Tours in Paso Robles

Wine Tours in Paso Robles, CA in our custom jeeps.

Tours our custom wine jeeps.

Ditch the crowded limousines and discover the charm of Paso Robles wine country with Central Coast Wine Tour Adventures! Our open-air Jeeps whisk you off the beaten path, cruising through picturesque vineyards on backroad adventures. Unlike other California wine regions, Paso Robles offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you’ll meet passionate winemakers crafting exceptional vintages. It’s the perfect place to delve into California’s diverse wines, all while soaking up the stunning scenery. Get ready for an unforgettable journey – Paso Robles style!

We offer four Paso Robles tours and a host of different wine packages.   Explore our list of tours we offer to our guests in the Paso Robles AVA. We’re saving a place on one of our tours for you and someone special. Come spend a day making memories, drinking excellent wine, laughing with new friends, and exploring places you have never seen. After a day in our open-air Jeeps exploring vineyards, climbing over mountain roads and tasting new wines you’ll thirst for more of this wonderful place called Paso Robles, California!

Don’t forget to check out our winery and lodging partners, as well as our Spotlight on some great locations in Paso Robles wine country! And remember, you can always create your own custom tour by contacting us.


Explore the hidden gems of Paso Robles with our unique wine tasting tours. Our journeys take you on the roads less traveled, offering an experience that stands apart. Enjoy 50% off tasting fees and bring your furry friends along, as all our excursions are dog-friendly.


Embark on a winery tour that leads you to hidden wineries producing fewer than 2,500 cases annually. Take advantage of 50% off both tasting fees and wine purchases during this exclusive journey.


If you’re eager to explore a fresh tasting experience, come along on our adventure into the realm of microbreweries. Enjoy 50% off tasting fees, and feel free to bring your pets, as all our outings are pet-friendly.